In Shangri La, Nixi Black Pottery Coffee is a one stop for all where Kesang is passionate about sharing the highlights of Tibetan food, crafts and beauty.

What to Experience?

 Nixi shop trek ShangriLa Yunnan Restaurant
Nixi Black Pottery Coffee
was started by Kesang, a Tibetan tour guide living in northwestern Yunnan.  After years of leading treks to local villages, she opened up this restaurant and coffee shop in the heart of Shangri-La. The restaurant features a menu of authentic Tibetan food, and allows you to discover the various ways to accommodate Yak products; Yak Cheese on Toast, Yak Steaks, Fried Rice with Yak Meat, Yak Butter Tea with Zan Ba, or more simply barley pancakes with ginger tea.

Kesang also draws on her experience as a tour guide to help arrange day walks to local villages, biking trips and trekking journeys for visitors. The most popular trekking from here is a 5-7 day journey around Meili Snow Mountain. It starts from Xidang village and ascends a 3,600m mountain pass before settling at a Tibetan guesthouse in Yubeng village, elevation 3,050m.  From here, you will spend the next few days hiking to Meili Base Camp (3,700m), Ice Lake (3,900m) and the Holy Waterfall before hiking back to Xidang along the Mekong River.

True to its name, Nixi Black Pottery Coffee also sells many Tibetan handicrafts that come from the local villages including the black pottery of Nixi Village. There are many examples of pottery vases, pots and bowls on display and available for purchase, as well as scarves and clothing handmade from yak and sheep’s wool.

How Does It Help?

 Nixi shop trek ShangriLa Yunnan Nixi Black Pottery Coffee provides opportunities for local artisans to sell their crafts and brings travellers to the local villages to see how these products are made.  This also enables the local people to benefit from the economic rise of the region. By opening a shop in the old town, surrounding villages are able to take the crafts that they have produced themselves and reach a wider market that they would not otherwise have access to. Not only does this provide increased economic benefits for the villages, it also encourages them to embrace their culture and incite them to preserve it.

The trekking journeys that they help arrange in Deqin Prefecture also foster a responsible tourism environment. For all trips that are arranged local Tibetan drivers are hired. They make sure to carry out all of the trash brought in while trekking and alert guests to proper etiquette in the Tibetan villages and monasteries. All village visits are done with the permission of the local people, and on their time schedule.  They educate travellers on the culture and religion of this Khampa Tibetan region, and describe how it differs from other ethnic areas in the region.

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Contact Details

Cang Fang Street, Chi Lang Gang #5
Shangri-la City Old Town
Yunnan Province , P.R. China  674400

Tel: 0887-823-0447 (Cafe)
Cell: 13378872387



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