What To Experience?

Yangshuo Night Food Market

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Like many places in China, the best way to have a truly authentic culinary experience is to explore the food markets usually frequented by locals.  In Yangshuo, one of the most popular places to eat for the locals is the night market on Gui Hua Lu at the northern end of Xi Jie.

The market opens at 5:30 pm and lasts late into the evening and is a great place to sample some of the unique dishes that Guangxi is famous for. Some of these dishes include Beer Fish, frog, rabbit, fish head soup, snails, snake and even dog hot pot (for the truly adventurous eaters). Beer Fish is perhaps the most famous local dish, consisting of either carp or catfish cooked in a sauce that consists mostly of beer, as you would guess.

Walking through the stalls, you will also see noodles being pulled by hand and have your choice of fresh vegetables on display, all grown in the surrounding area.

While the majority of patrons of the night food market are locals, they do have English menus available on request.


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