Located in the heart of Moon Hill village in beautiful Yangshuo, this charming family-run hotel offers guests stunning views from eight beautifully decorated rooms and an unforgettable rooftop dining experience.

What to experience?

Yangshuo Guest House, Guangxi China

With shady pomelo groves, mud brick houses and sub-tropical forest surrounding the guesthouse, Yangshuo Village Inn is the perfect getaway from noisy downtown. The hotel is built inside a beautifully restored local home, with another building next door that makes use of a rescued mud-brick farmhouse. Thus, the hotel captures the essence of the local culture with its exterior and builds upon that with its interior decorating. The rooftop restaurant, Luna, offers stunning views of the surrounding karst mountains, and serves dishes prepared from ingredients grown in their own organic garden.

The hotel rents bicycles and encourages you to bike or hike through the valley, you can also take a guided tour with a local resident to explore villages. There are also several written out day hikes and walks that can take you through the countryside.

The Yangshuo Village Inn also features a charity shop where they sell locally made products including handwoven slippers, food and handicrafts.  The guesthouse staff is also encouraged to sell their own villages’ products, which include honey, chili paste and soap, in the store.

How does it help?

Yangshuo Village Inn is committed to keeping Yangshuo beautiful for future generations and business practices that preserve the environment and contribute to the local community.

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The organic garden

In construction, they took many steps to ensure that the hotel was built sustainably. All guestroom furniture is handmade from locally sustainable bamboo and no disposable products of any kind are used. All guestroom floors are polished concrete and use no tile, wood or stone.  Hot water is solar-heated. Even the shampoo and bath gel bottles are refillable ceramic works of art. No plastic bottles are distributed as all guestrooms are supplied with aluminium drinking water flasks and hot water flasks.

Half of the total area is reserved for green space, and guests are informed about the diverse flora and fauna that can be found there.  They grow organic vegetables and herbs for the restaurant, whereas all food waste is recycled for animal feed. All non-food waste is saved for recycling and only non-toxic cleaning agents are used.

They work actively to ensure that the greater Yangshuo community benefits from their operation. All staff members come from surrounding villages and receives English/skills training from a full-time foreign coach. Additionally, 3% of annual profits go to the China-US Medical Foundation, which provides access to treatment and education for disabled children; one staff member is a beneficiary.

The Yangshuo Guesthouse is proactive in encouraging visitors to visit local villages, providing customized hiking and walking itineraries in addition to offering local guide services.  It is estimated that each guest spends $10 USD on average in local villages, contributing a total of $30,000 of annual income for locals.

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Contact Details

Address: Moon Hill Village #26, Li Cun, Ting Yue Lou, Gaotian Zhen, Yangshuo, China
Phone: +86-15977364111
Website: www.yangshuoguesthouse.com