Looking for an authentic stay while in Shaxi old town? The Dragonfly guesthouse, located in an ancient theatre is your place to discover in depth local culture.

What To Experience?

Located just outside of the old town of Shaxi, the Dragonfly Guesthouse provides an authentic guesthouse experience that promotes local culture in everything it does.  Mr. Wu, its owner converted an ancient village theatre into his guesthouse, though he persevered the stage, which is still used, for traditional musical performances today.

Mr. Wu provides personal guiding services to Shibao Mountain, leads treks to Bai villages in the Shaxi Valley and escorts visitors to the weekly Sideng Market in the main plaza in Shaxi.  Thus, guests here will be able to experience everything that Shaxi has to offer.

Guests will also have the opportunity to have excursions arranged with other local guides to go mushroom picking, or to speak with villagers and understand better the lives and culture of the area.

What’s more, his wife is an excellent cook, and visitors to Shaxi would be well advised to stay here if for no other reason than to enjoy the finest Bai dishes prepared with ingredients grown in the surrounding fields.

How Does It Help?

The aim of the Dragonfly Guesthouse is to promote local Bai culture while increasing the income of local people.  Therefore, guests have the opportunity to interact on a personal level with local people, and these people are compensated fairly for their participation and educated on the benefits of tourism that extend beyond the financial.

Activities such as mushroom picking educate tourists on the importance of preserving the local environment, and exchanges provide meaningful experiences for locals and tourists alike.

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Shaxi Dragonfly Guesthouse
Duanjiadeng Village, Shaxi, Yunnan, China
Email: shaxi-hotmail@hotmail.com
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