In Tibetan, Shangri La means a place of good fortune and luck. Kersang’s Relay Station is a wonder boutique hotel that offers comfortable rooms and stunning views of Shangri La. Built in the Tibetan style, this hotel truly captures the local atmosphere and will make your visit a memorable one!

What To Experience?


 Kersang Relay Station Shangri la Yunnan

Kersang Relay Station Shangri la

Located in the midst of three rivers; the torrential Jinsha, Langcang and Nujiang, Shangri-La is a sacred scenic region with distinguishing features. Just a few steps from the centre of Shangri La’s old town you can find Kersang’s Relay Station, a boutique hotel that fully captures the essence of Tibetan culture and hospitality. Upon walking through its gates you will enter a courtyard filled with greenery and tables that provide a wonderful common area. The hotel is built from stone and wood and features stunning handiwork on all of the windows and pillars.

The small hotel features 3 lovely bedrooms all very clean, each equipped with nicely decorated bathroom with fixtures made from wood and stone, western toilets and 24-hour hot water. The rooms on the second floor are accessed by a terrace that provides stunning views, such as the large prayer wheel and Turtle Hill Monastery that tower above the old town.

Since the main inhabitants here are Tibetan, the foods available in Diqing mostly features Tibetan flavours. Irresistible delicacies here include glutinous rice cake, buttered tea, and barley wine.

Meili Snow Mountain is located about 10km west of Deqing City. As the sun rises in the east, the snow-mountain looks splendid, draped in gold. This holy scene is described in a book named The Lost Horizon. The hotel can arrange small-group treks to local villages and sites throughout the Three Parallel Rivers region.

How Does It Help?

Kersang’s Relay Station takes its role as a responsible tourism provider very seriously, contributing to many different initiatives that help improve the quality of life for the local residents.

The greatest example of their commitment is found in Jiabe Village School, a grade school that the Kersang’s Relay Station helped rebuild in order to improve the community’s access to education. They are currently planning to build a kinder garden that will provide even greater opportunities for local children.

The hotel itself also takes many steps to support responsible tourism.  It was built using local materials and the architecture respects cultural traditions and styles, as evidenced by the intricate woodcarvings, stone structures and prayer flags over the courtyard. Their staff has always been paid above average, and encouraged to save money. General well being of the staff has always been a priority.

The staff work on rural development projects, they teach locals how to create more value out of their resources. This includes a handicraft producing initiative, and the planned kinder garden for children of surrounding villages.  The idea is to ensure that more people will want to remain in their native village and will be able to raise their living standards with a minimal impact on their traditional lifestyles.

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Kersang’s Relay Station
No 1 Yamenlang Jinlong Street
Dukesong Old Town
Shangri-la, Diqing
Yunnan, China

phone: +86 0887 822 3118
mobile (Vicky): +86 136 1887 7910