Terratribes Expeditions offers vacations in China that provide education and community building through outdoor activities that include hiking, mountain biking, ropes courses, camping and kayaking in addition to conventional tour itineraries.  They are a full service tour operator, arranging guides, transportation and accommodation in addition to their diverse activities.

What to experience ?

Terratribes Expeditions was started by some of China’s most experienced outdoor guides to bring together the top international expertise and knowledge of the local outdoor sports community to create a boutique outdoor education, events and travel services provider. Terratribes leads expeditions around Guangxi Province, which visit Yangshuo, Guilin and Longsheng, and other destinations in Sichuan, Yunnan and Guizhou.

The outdoor activities they arrange include:

Li River Kayak, adventure tourism, terratribes expeditions

One group enjoys kayaking in the Li River

  • High Ropes Challenge & Abseiling/rappelling
  • Mountain biking
  • Rock climbing
  • Kayaking
  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Village to village trekking
  • Caving

They also foster cultural interaction through activities such as farming with a local family, learning Chinese calligraphy, traditional cooking classes, fan painting or cormorant fishing, Tai chi, Kung Fu and cooking class to name a few. Local people run all of these activities with a Terratribes guide on hand to help translate when needed.


Terratribes Expeditions’ mission is to provide the highest quality unique, fun, safe and meaningful experiences for their clients, staff and community while promoting outdoor pursuits, cultural diversity, social development and environmental stewardship in Western China.  Terratribes handpicks locally owned hotels, guesthouses and homestays that represent the host culture, ensuring that tourism revenues stay within the community and support likeminded, responsible businesses.

How does it help ?

Through Terratribes Charity, Terratribes commits 2 % of all revenue to local projects (5000RMB in 2010 was donated to The Tibetan Orphanage in Jiuzhaigou). They also form financial and culturally beneficially partnerships with local village communities to develop their unused land for outdoor activities and campsites used on their programmes.

Direct economic benefits include:

  • Long Cheng Primary School, Yangshuo, 1000 RMB spent on fixing school roof
  • Feng Lu land rental for outdoor activities and camping, 5000 RMB per year
  • Employment of local villagers (8000 RMB) to develop Feng Lu base camp, construction of paths, clearing crags and site upkeep.
  • Yangshuo Access Initiative member, contribution of 450 RMB /year for access to Swizz Cheese climbing Crag, in conjunction with other local companies.
  • Employment of local crew, with a minimum daily wage of 200RMB, often considerably greater depending on role and responsibility
  • Through the improved access and construction of paths at Feng Lu base camp villagers have greatly improved access to other villages and the main road.

Terratribes Expeditions strictly adheres to Leave No Trace principles on all of their programmes and they are leading members in the Yangshuo Climbing community group cleaning crags, negotiating access issues and bolting new routes for travellers that protect the local environment.

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Contact Details

Terratribes Expeditions
Address: 12 Fuqian Street, Yangshuo, Guilin, 541900, China
Website: www.terratribes.com
Email: info@terratribes.com.
Phone: (+86) 773 8822005