“Land of History, Place of Legend”

Rice terraces, Guangxi China

Rice terraces, Guangxi

As countries go, China is certainly in a class by itself.  Perhaps no other nation faces as much constant change as it is torn between its fast-paced economic growth and its rich culture with strong ties to past traditions.  This transformation leads to many different faces, from the ultra-modern Shanghai cityscape to the political monuments of Beijing and the ancient relics in Xi’an. Still, there are destinations in China that seek to preserve a traditional way of life and create a strong bond to its culture.

Yunnan Province and Guangxi Province in southwest China are among the greatest examples of such places, where the typical cityscapes of China give way to village life and harmony with nature.  Here, you will find stunning natural scenery and abundant wildlife, celebrated and preserved by the majority of China’s fifty-six recognised ethnic minorities. The importance placed on such physical and cultural traits has provided the foundation for a burgeoning responsible tourism industry that makes it an ideal destination for travellers wishing to enjoy a refreshing, challenging and rewarding experience in one of the world’s most fascinating nations.