Shilin Stone Forest in Yunnan China

Shilin Stone Forest

Yunnan Province is a tourist’s dream – possessing stunning natural features, rich biodiversity and a variety of different cultures that is unparalleled in China and perhaps the world. Its name translates to “South of the Clouds,” alluding to the fog that permeates its northern neighbour Sichuan as well as its towering mountains in the north, and its nickname “the land of eternal spring” refers to the pleasant weather that is felt year-round.  It is also home to twenty-five of China’s ethnic minorities, and one doesn’t need to travel very far to be immersed in villages and towns populated by entirely different groups of people with unique clothing, customs and even languages.

Nature enthusiasts will also enjoy all that Yunnan has to offer, with its Three Parallel Rivers region in the northwest encompassing nature reserves and parks that host thousands of plant and animal species, many of which are endangered or protected and indigenous to China.

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