Dong Year – April

While the majority of Chinese celebrate the Chinese New Year, or Spring festival at the beginning of the Lunar Calendar, the Dong people in southern China celebrate their own New Year during the 1st-11th days of the 11th Lunar Month, known as Dong Year. The Dong people are primarily farmers, and the holiday is celebrated at this time because it falls right after the autumn harvest.

The holiday is celebrated similarly to the Spring Festival, with people making new clothes, cleaning their homes, slaughtering pigs and preparing special dishes for the holiday feast.

New-Harvest Eating Festival – Mid July

After the year’s first crop of rice begins to ripen, the grain is gathered and served with other dishes to celebrate, accompanied with rituals that include sacrifices, dancing, singing and bullfighting.

Bullfighting Festival – August-September

The Dong people are actually quite enthusiastic about bullfighting and breed water buffalos specifically for this purpose. A specific holiday is set aside every August or September (depending on the lunar calendar) for the Dong people to enjoy the spectacle as a community.

Devil Festival – July 14th

The Devil Festival, like the Dong Year, is an annual celebration that rivals the Spring Festival, though this holiday is celebrated by the Zhuang people in Guangxi. It is held every July 14th and is celebrated with a large feast of special dishes including pork, duck and wine which follows a ritual sacrifice and offerings of fruit and candies to show respect for their ancestors.