Li River and Karst Formations

The Li River is one of China’s most well known images, depicted in countless paintings (and on the 20 Yuan note), with the majestic karst peaks that rise above its banks. The river starts in the Mao’an Mountains and flow through Guilin and Yangshuo, a common route for commercialised tourist riverboats.  Those wishing to truly enjoy the scenery and peacefulness of the river should rent a small boat in Yangshuo, and perhaps try their hand at cormorant fishing.

The Li River

The Li River is famous for the karst mountains that rise along its shores

Dragon’s Back Terraces

The Dragon’s Back Terraces in Longsheng represent what might be one of the finest examples of the Chinese adapting to the land.  Nestled in a mountainous landscape that reaches 800 metres, they cover an area of 60 km2.

The Zhuang village of Ping’an serves as an ideal starting point, and there are several paths that can be walked on treks ranging in length from one hour to several, however a guide should be used as it can be quite difficult to navigate some of the paths.

The high season for the terraces is in the spring, when the terraces are green and filled with water, but each season has its own charm and unique colours and characteristics that make the terraces worth a visit.

The Dragon’s Back Terraces in Longsheng Guangxi China

The Dragon’s Back Terraces in Longsheng