For a century the name Cambodia invoked a deep sense of awe and mystery. An exotic kingdom with magnificent wonders hidden in a tropical jungle; an enigmatic pearl of exploration and adventure.

Like its slogan ‘Kingdom of Wonder’ Cambodia offers the visitor much to marvel at. Just as Angkor is more than its wat, Cambodia is more than its temples.

Discover a country steeped in heritage and tradition.

Considered only a decade ago to be an adventurous destination, Cambodia is now open to all travellers, with many pockets of unexplored or newly explored treasures still to be found.

Cambodia, once known as the “Pearl of Asia”, was considered to possess some of the finest French-built cities and provincial towns in Indochina from the 1920s to the 1950s.

Many write off Phnom Penh, yet it’s a beautiful city with a stunning colonial heritage, tree-lined boulevards, a gorgeous riverside promenade featuring a glittering palace, and a great selection of restaurants and bars. A visit to the Royal Palace and to the National Museum is a must-do for anyone who boasts of having visited Cambodia.

Boutique accommodation dominates the landscape. Offering a personalised, authentic experience that cannot be replicated by a five-star hotel chain, this type of accommodation provides a strong sense of place and culture, and a chance to offer guests a holiday experience like no other.  While the most responsible ones are featured in this e-guide, many more exist; some do have a green approach if not a strong social commitment.

The country’s food culture is also not to be missed. A wide variety of international cuisines can also be found in the larger cities of Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. You may find some of the best French restaurants of the region here.

A visit to the coastal areas is not complete without ordering crab or squid stir-fried with green Kampot pepper. Long acknowledged as one of the world’s finest peppers, the decades-old peppercorn plantations are slowly being brought back to life.

In this e-guide we have also featured some of the best fair trade shops, where you’ll find refined handicrafts as well as contemporary design items for you or your house.

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