Cambodia is known not only for the beauty of its cultural heritage, but also for  the traditional arts and crafts forms that have been passed down through generations of Cambodian society.

What to experience ?

The Artisans’ Association of Cambodia brings you the finest selection of handmade crafts from all corners of Cambodia, all at fair trade prices. Their shop in Phnom Penh showcases just some of the beautiful products on display created by their member organisations.

The Artisans' Association of Cambodia

The products available are as diverse as their members; from beautifully hand crafted pieces of silver jewellery to intricately carved wooden items, hand woven reed bags and pen/pencil cases, indigenous textiles from the north east of the country, fashion accessories made from woven recycled plastic bags, clothing made from organic hand woven cotton, all kinds of soft toys for babies and children, and of course hand woven silk in a variety of colours, patterns, textures and functions.

They encourage all travellers to visit the shop and make a purchase that will have a positive impact on the local economy and on the continuation of Cambodia’s rich craft heritage.

How does it help ?

The advent of the Khmer Rouge threatened to destroy the once prosperous traditions of weaving, woodcarving, pottery and handicraft production, but these art forms are now making a comeback.

The Artisans Association of Cambodia is a membership-based organisation for craft producers and sellers in Cambodia, established to promote new methods of socio-economic integration for landmine survivors, those with disabilities,and other vulnerable groups.

The Artisans' Association of CambodiaThey provide technical assistance to both members and non-members in design and product development, market development and access, policy and advocacy, and fair trade promotion.

A member of the World Fair Trade Organisation themselves, the Artisans Association of Cambodia currently has 50 member organisations.  They promote Fair Trade principles to their members and non-members in Cambodia including transparency and accountability, creating opportunities for economically disadvantaged producers,  payment of a fair price, fair working conditions, and an absence of child labour.

Contact details

House#11B, Street 240, Phnom Penh
Phone: (855-23) 213 904 & 12 790 735