Immerse yourself in an ancient tradition of Cambodian culture through experiencing the silk production process from the mulberry plants to the silk scarf. A MUST BUY!

What to experience ?

Just four kilometres outside of Stung Treng town, in Sre Po village, lies a place of solitude for the visitor wishing to spend a few hours to experience the time honoured tradition of silk production.

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Mekong Blue provides an easy half day excursion where travellers have the opportunity to see the whole silk production process, beginning with the mulberry plants and ending with the beautifully finished high quality silk products at their onsite Gallery.

Taking a tour of Mekong Blue with a local guide begins with their small mulberry hobby farm, the food source for the silk worm, and then moving on to the silk dyeing and weaving processes where you will learn about each intricate step that goes into making some of Cambodia’s finest silk. The final stage of the tour is Mekong Blue’s Gallery which showcases all of the beautiful Mekong Blue products for sale.

Taking a tour will no doubt work up an appetite or thirst. Their Café offers a relaxing environment to soak up the serenity with a refreshing drink or delicious meal. Gaining a reputation as one of the best eating places in Stung Treng, their full time manger and chef cooks up both traditional and modern food to suit all taste buds.

How does it help?

Mekong Blue is a social enterprise of the Stung Treng Women’s Development Centre, offering vocational training in traditional silk weaving and providing employment opportunities for all those working at the Centre.  The production of Mekong Blue silk generates an income for the Centre and provides a direct outcome from their programs, employing both local women and men.

The Centre is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty that leaves people with limited life choices and poor economic prospects trapping them in the same daily struggle for survival. By offering literacy, health education, vocational training and employment programmes to the most vulnerable members of the community, notably women, the Centre aims to improve living standards, reduce the incidence of preventable disease, and contribute to the economic regeneration of the Stung Treng region.

There are a number of programs implemented by the Centre to improve the lives of the workers, such as an on-site kindergarten and pre-school for the children of the women and men working at the Centre; a School Sponsorship Program for poor students in local public schools; a Nutrition Program for the women workers – including a Free Lunch Program etc.

The project helps rebuild traditional Khmer silk weaving skills, an ancient form of Khmer art.  The products sold abroad help promote Cambodian handicrafts and art around the world.


The UNESCO Seal of Excellence for Handicraft in Southeast Asia on several occasions


Contact details

Mekong Blue
Street #2,Sre Po Village, Stung Treng Province
Phone: (+855) 74 638 8893


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