Osmose in Tonle Sap Lake

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A remarkable bird watching location, Prek Toal, Cambodia, OSMOSE

Take a tour on the great Tonle Sap Lake to watch the endangered bird species in Prek Toal Wildlife Sanctuary and experience traditional floating villages.

What to experience ?

Easily accessible from Siem Reap and featuring impressive water bird viewing, pristine flooded forests and traditional fishing and floating villages, Prek Toal Birdlife Sanctuary is an excursion that will be one of the highlights of your vacation in Cambodia.

Guided ecotours organised by Osmose to the villages of Prek Toal and Pech Kantiel give you the chance to see magnificent water birds, many of which are threatened.

You can visit the floating villages with paddlers from the village, and meet with the fish farm and floating garden owners to learn more of their unique way of life on the water. There are also opportunities to purchase locally produced water hyacinth handicrafts woven by the village women.

Osmose guides accompany every trip and all are bilingual (French, English, Chinese, or German); they are knowledgeable, fun, passionate and an invaluable part of the Osmose experience.

Choose a one-day tour taking you to see either Prek Toal or Peak Kanteil floating villages, exploring the bird sanctuary, and taking a village tour by traditional Khmer paddle boat. Or for a two-day tour enjoy the delights of experiencing life in a floating village plus a unique overnight stay in a community-based floating homestay.

The flooded forest is a perfect spot for bird-watching, Osmose Siem Reap Cambodia

Paddling through the flooded forest


How does it help?

Osmose is a non-profit organisation working in conservation, environmental education and sustainable development.

By choosing Osmose you will contribute to the community by directly supporting the village economy (paddlers, village tour, cooks, homestays, handicrafts), providing funds for Osmose’s various environmental education programmes to over 1200 children and their families, and for conservation.  Subjects include the importance of the forest in the life cycle of the fish on which the community depends for its livelihood, conservation of the forest flora and fauna, and responsible waste management, differentiating organic matter from inorganic.

Osmose helps in the development of three floating villages through the provision of children’s health clinics, providing food security by helping to build floating gardens, supplying canoes so families can fish, and building houses for the poorest families. Osmose has low overheads, so most of the funds it generates are directly put back into the projects they work with.

There are many ways in which Osmose has helped to contribute to the sustainable livelihoods of the people on the lake; revitalising the use of water hyacinth (thus reducing this invasive species), of weaving to promote handicrafts thus improving the lives of many women, as well as turning bird poachers into gamekeepers. Osmose employs more than 25 locals alone to protect the water bird colonies.

Osmose Siem Reap Cambodia

Handicrafts making using water hyacinths

Awards & references

  • 2003 Yves Rocher Prize
  • Osmose’s founder received the Trophée Femmes 3000  ‘Women’s trophy’ in 2004.
  • Supported by Ushuaia (French charitable foundation for the conservation of Nature), UNDP & WCS

Contact details

OSMOSE, Street 27, Siem Reap
Phone: (+855) 12 832 812
Email:    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.osmosetonlesap.net

Location Map

Marker indicates approximate location of Prek Toal Biosphere …


  1. Christine Jacquemin says:

    Hello Guess you contacted them directly sorry but we are not an online agency just an informative guide, no booking , nor further support.

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  3. sokem says:

    Dear, we would like to cooperate with your tour (bird watching). we have group guide bird watching who have more experience (Bird knowledge and temple history) we have been lead clients to do birding Angkor complex, Koh Ker and Beang Bealea and Prek toal,…..
    Note: English, chinese specking guide.
    more detail contact by: http://azbirdingcambodia.com/html/nature.php?p_id=27
    See our goal:
    Birding in Cambodia, azcarya Cambodia
    To save our natural resources and protect our environment via education!!!

    Our goal in running this such tour company is to raise fund to support our project that we use it to fund for students at one of our target destination located in Baydot village, Siem Reap where most student’s families are poor and the school itself also in poor condition. Azcarya Cambodia supports all students with stationaries every trimester and 5 top students will get a scholarship in total of 30$.

    In our mind and our dream we want to renovate that poor school building or fund a new concrete one because we find that education is so important for them for their bright future. Moreover school facilities is also very important that we need to consider and find way to solve it.

    Azcarya Cambodia also setup environmental education program that we teach kids and students there about how important of environment and natural resources and what we can do to protect it.

    Because Azcarya Cambodia benefits from the landscape and culture within Changkran Roy Mountain, we have invested in sustainable solutions for the park and its species. We support projects that aim to protect the park’s biodiversity and habitats. We also support projects that in protecting the ecosystem also create alternative livelihoods for community members working and living near the park. When we travel into the park, we always employ locals on top of regular fund for Conservation Contribution.

  4. Dear Amreet

    I sent your contact details to Osmose, for any other info note that the contact details are detailed inside each entry. This site is an online guide but we are not a travel agent. Osmose is the right choice I am confident you’ll love this trip. Please send us your comment once you’ve experienced it.

    All the best

  5. Amreet Gill says:

    Hi there,
    My partner and I are very keen in doing the 2day tours of the Osmose in Tonle Sap Lake.
    Could you please let me know how much this will cost us?

    Many thanks

  6. Osvaldo says:

    - You really did explore Myanmar! Thanks ya! Hope you enjoyed your trip. And I also love the kids. Such kids especially from towns and villages are fond of cameras so much. Nothing can compare their smiles when they are posing for cameras.

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