Indulge your taste buds in a menu of Western and Asian cuisines, where you can sample delectable dishes made lovingly by the students who run the application restaurant.

What to experience ?

Lotus Blanc Restaurant provides a quality dining experience combined with the friendly service of the Khmer people. Apart from their service being of a consistently high standard (and of course with that infectious smile) the food is also delicious.

Restaurant Lotus Blanc Phnom Penh Cambodia

The restaurant draws a regular crowd of locals and travellers to indulge in its popular set lunches. Their daily lunch and dinner salad buffet gives hungry and inquisitive stomachs the chance to try a variety of delicious food. With dishes such as deep-fried prawns with tamarind sauce, glass noodles with seafood, seafood amok and duck confit, they can please even the fussiest palate. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, from Monday to Saturday, there’s no reason to miss out such a treat.

Every Friday and Saturday night, the restaurant hosts a traditional Khmer dance show, and a series of original events.

How does it help ?

Part of a growing chain of non-profit restaurants across the city, Lotus Blanc restaurant is part of the activities of Pour un Sourire d’Enfant’ (PSE litterally meaning  For the Smile of a Child). This NGO was started in late 1995 by a couple who saw it as their mission to reduce the extreme poverty they witnessed in Cambodia.

They started by serving food to scavenger children living off garbage collections, then they opened a school, providing food and/or revenues through part time jobs  to the families so they don’t send their kids back to the garbage mountains,.then they developed classes from primary to high school, and eventually vocational trainings. Over the years, they’ve supported more than 8000 students with education, food and health care, social protection and vocational training. The staff is 96% Cambodian and some current managers were former disadvantaged children.

Restaurant Lotus Blanc Phnom Penh CambodiaIn the vocational training centre of PSE, there are 7 schools (hospitality, business, gardening, mechanics, construction, home and food management, hairdressing and beauty care) where 19 skills are taught.

Their two application restaurants provide real training and experience to students in the kitchen and restaurant environment that will provide them with the necessary skills and experience to find a job elsewhere when they graduate.

In keeping with the present-day trend of environmentally conscious businesses, most of the vegetables served in Lotus Blanc come from an organic farm in Areikat Commune.

In Siem Reap and Sihanoukville they have created ‘integration centres’ for students pursuing an internship or starting their professional careers. These have been established to designate contact people and assistance, and secure a safe environment for the female students in an unknown city, far away from their families.

Contact details

Lotus Blanc Boeung Keng Kang No. 152, St. 51(Pasteur), Phnom Penh Reservation: 0(+855) 17 602 251 Email: Website: Open Monday to Saturday. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. From 7:00am to 10:00pm.


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