A little café serving Cambodian home-grown coffee, Joe to Go is a great spot to chill out and take a break. And all for a good cause.

What to experience ?

Joe to go
Joe-to-go, Siem Reap

Located near the Old Market in Siem Reap, Joe-To-Go, serves up a feast of choices for guests to while away the time. Whether enjoying a cup of local coffee and making use of the free Wi-Fi, flicking through the  guidebooks,  novels and history books, or just relaxing with a delicious snack or meal, Joe-To-Go has it all.

Joe-To-Go was the first restaurant in Siem Reap town with a proper espresso machine – they are serious about their coffee!  The local cooks have been trained in French and American cuisine as well as Khmer, and although their food has rave reviews and is well priced, tourists also come here to eat knowing that they are eating and drinking for a good cause.

If this wasn’t enough, visitors can discover the local creativity through the Beau Fou Boutique upstairs, selling local handicrafts and different types of bags, clothes, jewellery, scarf, carpets and other fashion accessories made by local people and local organisations.

How does it help ?

Joe-to-Go and Beau Fou are two businesses operating in Siem Reap that support The Global Child. The Global Child is a non-profit organisation founded to build and operate schools and safe houses for street children in Cambodia. Its primary objective is to educate children to shape and improve the quality of their lives, their communities and their country.

Joe-To-Go and Beau Fou send 100% of their profits to The Global Child, provide employment for seven Cambodians and give preference to applicants who come from disadvantaged backgrounds (e.g. orphaned, disabled or impoverished applicants). In return, The Global Child secures donations for university scholarships for Joe-To-Go and Beau Fou staff who show an interest in furthering their education.

Beau Fou, Siem Reap CAMBODIA
Beau Fou, Siem Reap

Staff are paid a competitive salary, after a 3 month probation period, they are allowed 7 days of sick leave and given one free meal a day, 26 days holiday and overtime pay. TGC provides pay rises based on performance and duration of employment.

The Global Child helps the families of students develop small businesses and plan for their future, offsetting the loss in income that sending their child to school causes. Each family develops a small business plan and pulls from their child’s subsidy in order to meet goals within the plan.

The students study Khmer and Cambodian traditional dance in order to preserve the unique culture of the country.  The Khmer language is one of the oldest actively used languages.The traditional dance was targeted by the Khmer Rouge as a symbol of an unequal society (it was then only performed for the Royal Court) and, only a few of the dancers survived the genocide.  One of those survivors taught students for 4 years.

Contact details

Joe To Go & Beau Fou
#520, Angkor Villa St
Siem Reap
Phone: (+855) 63963463
Email: info@theglobalchild.org
Website: www.theglobalchild.org