You’ll be willing to come back to Phnom Penh just to try out the range of comfortable and unique boutique hotels, and to admire the loving restoration of the capital historical past.

What to experience ?

The Pavilion, Phnom PenhThe Pavilion is a boutique hotel displaying an original combination of Khmer and French colonial architecture styles set in a lush garden. The property has 20 rooms, located 100m from the Royal Palace with a 14m swimming pool, with intimate resting areas, a garden bar & restaurant. The rooms have all facilities, hot water from solar panels, and free wi-fi internet access. The Kabiki is the sister hotel welcoming families with kids, where a nice garden and a pool were designed for them, while the Blue Lime is more intimate.

The Plantation is a 72-room charming, colonial style hotel, located just 80m behind the Royal Palace and 100m from the National Museum, opened in November 2011. Another restoration project of the city’s declining historical past, it is be setup in a lush and exotic garden with a 25m swimming pool, and facilities including a restaurant, bar, spa, and fitness centre.

The 240 is a 10 room intimate accommodation setup in an old “Chinese Compartment” located on Street 240 in Phnom Penh. The property hosts all standard facilities, and some more, flat screen TV, free Wi-Fi and LAN internet, ensuite etc. Their restaurant and shop specialise in natural and organic foods. Adjacent is an art gallery.

The Chinese House is a lounge bar and restaurant housed in the capital’s oldest Chinese house. The property is an original combination of Chinese architecture (roofs, doors, pillars) and French colonial style (facade, tile floors). The Chinese House now hosts Tepui Restaurant Lounge serving a refined cuisine influenced by the Mediterranean and South America, and cocktails with Asian accents.

How does it help ?

The owners have a strong ethos and commitment to responsibility, sustainability, restoration and preservation like no other accommodation owners in the city. In a former life, Alexis used to work with NGOs supporting victims of sex trade and retained a sense of responsibility and commitment.

In each of their properties they aim to maintain the basics of responsible tourism, substituting alternative technologies where possible, providing opportunities for those less fortunate, and demonstrating clear policies on the intolerance of sex tourism.

In all properties, they have strived to make contributions towards urban architectural preservation, enhancing urban green spaces, and dedicating funds to renewable energy research projects. Their most recent project is experimenting prototypes of eco-floating bungalows using autonomous energy supplies, including solar air conditioning, led lighting, and redefining the essential energy needs of the tourists.

They pride themselves in their strong commitment against child abuse and sex-trade, funding the protection of street children through local organisations. They provide good staff working conditions (wages, holidays, working environment), and accompany the most skilled to higher positions within the company.

Photo Gallery

Contact details

Pavilion Hotel

# 227 Street 19, Phnom Penh

Phone: + 855 (0) 23 22 22 80




Location Map

The marker indicate the location of the Pavilion Hotel. To see the location of other properties, click on their names: Kabiki, The 240 , Chinese House (Cnr St 84 & Sisowath Quay) , The Plantation (near) .

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