Body & Mind Healing in Cambodia

  • Helping you to help in concert with the helpers

    Bridging the gap between tourism, organisations and the poor, ConCERT is the link to helping travellers to help the destinations they visit. What to experience? During your stay you may see something that makes you want to help, your heart has been stirred a thousand times but you bravely refrain from giving directly to disadvantaged […]

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  • A sensuous symphony of scented notes!

    The scent-sation of Senteurs d’Angkor can stay with you long after your holiday with their line of home fragrances Cambodia’s wonderful culinary and aromatic heritage is their inspiration. What to experience? The moment you walk into a Senteurs d’Angkor shop you are immediately struck by an explosion of the senses with heady aromas floating from […]

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  • Healing Hands of the Blind

    Relax with a massage expertly given by blind Cambodian masseurs to help members of the blind community benefit from an independent life. What to experience ? Seeing Hands Massage is the perfect way to wind down after sightseeing on a hot humid day. Blind masseurs have been trained in the art of massage and can […]

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