Terre Cambodge is a love story with the country that its founder Laurent is willing to share with you so you get the best insight into this attaching country, while at the same time understanding the challenges at stake for the future.

What to Experience?

Terre Cambodge is based in Siem Reap and is specialised in adventure and biking and trekking eco-tours, throughout Cambodia which privilege the remote areas (Phnom Kulen, Cardamom, Mondulkiri, Tonle Sap, Battambang). With them you’ll discover true Cambodia and its realities and get a unique mix of nature and culture which are in any country closely interlinked. They also encourage meaningful contacts with local people by experiencing home stay to learn a bit about their lifestyles, in which conditions they live and what are the necessities for them to develop. Some tours are also including visits with NGO and social actors to show tourists what are the sectors and project in which professionals are involved and what are the benefits for the local communities (Friends, Samatoa, Osmose, Phare, ADF, CBET,…).

They believe that Cambodia is the land of their people who make it special beyond the touristic attractions. They definitely insist on the wonderfulness of their culture, their “savoir-faire” (cooking, massage, traditional music and dance, …). By doing so, they will raise pride and confidence as your hosts will be recognized for who they are and what they achieved.
They look at creating the bridges between tourism business activities and social projects. logo TerreCambodge

How does it help ?

Terre Cambodge supports local economic development and heritage conservation in different manners, by taking tourists to the right places and selecting the right suppliers benefiting their country and by financially supporting some local projects.

The company, is aware and involved in conservation matters, first by being an eco-friendly tour operator strongly promoting visiting the country by foot or by bike and by providing:
– water refillable gallons on the vehicles to minimise plastic waste
– organic soap for the trekkers and campers who need to shower at the river or at home stay where there is no water evacuation and treatment system
– a reusable and washable rubbish bag (made by Samatoa cooperative a social enterprise http://www.samatoa.com) to each client for keeping their rubbish while on the move (cigarette buds, packaging, cans, …).

The office staff is paid above the market’s rate. They’ve been working for the company for several years as they appreciate their working conditions, the atmosphere within the premises and the spirit of the company (sustainable, eco-friendly). Tour guides are very well paid. They are all free-lances but we do train them to our way of traveling and guiding even if they work with other agencies.

TC supports ADF KULEN (http://www.adfkulen.org) Archeology & Development Foundation that work in Phnom Kulen mountains, a highly valuable archaeological area but also one of the poorest region of the country. The founder, a doctor in archaeology has worked in Cambodia for 15 years. As he was exploring this wonderful mountain in search of so many unrevealed sites he was shocked by the poverty of the population. As the fiefdom of the former khmer rouge of difficult access, the government neglected them resulting in malnutrition, a lack of education, infrastructure such as electricity, water, etc. The foundation decided to help them by supporting local development projects:

  • Nutrition program
  • Promotion of education
  • Access to water and electricity
  • Creating employment and sustainable activities for villagers (fish pounds, mushroom farms,…)
  • Fighting illegal logging

They collect funds from private donators and Terre Cambodge donates between 3% and up to 10% of each tour to ADF.

Contact Details

Terre Cambodge Agency: Borei Pram Prei, #R30, Roluos Street, Siem Reap, Cambodia

info@terrecambodge / www.terrecambodge.com / +855 (0)12 843 401

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