Travel northeast to Kratie where the now famous Mekong Discovery Trails start, get immersed into Cambodian local river life, watch the rare Irrawady dolphins and stay in comfortable homestays where you’ll receive such a warm welcome that you will wish to stay longer.

What to experience?

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Irrawady Dolphin

The Community Development Tours of Koh Pdao and Koh Preah in Kratie province in the northeast, provide travellers with an opportunity to travel on the Mekong River and experience a rare glimpse into traditional Cambodian life.

You can gain a rare experience which found nowhere else as these community based ecotourism sites are situated on islands along the Mekong River. The endangered freshwater Mekong river dolphin, sweeping views of the magnificent riparian landscape, combined with local culture and lifestyle has made these two communities an attractive place to get away and experience a holiday like no other.

Whether you are looking for the peace, tranquillity and natural beauty of rural island life or an opportunity to immerse yourself completely into local village life choose some or many activities to suit your travel ambitions. Some of the activities on both Koh Pdao and Koh Preah Community Based Ecotourism sites include viewing of the river dolphins in their natural habitat, cycling adventures along the village roads or into the wilderness, boat trips along the Mekong River viewing the changing and diverse scenery, staying in a homestay with a local family, and volunteering activities such as helping local people plant or harvest rice.

How does it help?

Koh Pdao, Kratie,CambodiaCambodia Rural Development Team are a local non-government organisation working to improve the standard of living of local people in the north eastern provinces of Cambodia through the conservation of natural resources.

The communities living on the islands of Koh Pdao and Koh Preah, in which the organisation works, are incredibly poor and isolated. Located in the Mekong River in a very ecologically significant and fragile area, the communities often resort to destructive environmental practices in order to survive.

By integrating their sustainable community based ecotourism program with their operations, they have helped the communities to capitalise on their natural resources and as a result have become invested environmental stewards. The community understands the value of their natural setting, and are now participating in community clean-up days and environmental education programs to strengthen their ecotourism project.

Tourism on Koh Pdao and Koh Preah consists of the local families themselves who have signed up to be homestays, cooks, boat drivers and guides. Having nearly 400 tourists come to the island has also brought about a sense of pride to the communities – pride in the natural beauty of the island, pride in their own culture and pride in the endangered river dolphin swimming off their shores.

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