The E-Guide features responsible tourism operators and suppliers in the seven destinations of the Mekong: Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Viet Nam, Yunnan and Guangxi provinces of China. See our contents description

The offer

You will as well notice that the range of products and services described here vary slightly from one country to the other. Of course, the background and progress of responsible tourism in different countries is not identical. Nevertheless, with over 200 entries, we are happy to propose a good combination of different types of offer in each destination, catering for a wide audience of travellers with diverse interests and budgets.

In Thailand, we have a large proportion of Community Based Tourism sites, most of the time initiated, managed and operated by the communities themselves and few private operators, whereas in Cambodia we display a certain number of boutique hotels. In Laos we have numerous examples of excellent partnerships between the local authorities, the development partners and the private sector, empowering local communities to handle tourist operations. In Viet Nam the selection is quite mixed. In Myanmar and Chinese provinces of Yunnan and Guangxi, where the concept of responsible travel is rather new, we could identify pioneers worth your support. We are confident that with the increasing demand for responsible holidays we will be able to provide you with more addresses in the future.

We count on you as well to direct us towards those we would have missed.

The actors

The main objective of the E-Guide to Mekong Responsible Tourism is to shine the light on micro, small and medium tourism enterprises representing some of the best responsible tourism offer you can find in the Mekong region; to introduce you to committed women and men who have designed services and products paying attention to the fine details, and concerned by the consequences of their activities. Some are profit oriented business people aspiring to share their wealth and knowledge for the benefit of host communities and the environment. Some are NGOs or social enterprises whose main goal is precisely local development or environmental protection. Others are simply groups of villagers who have decided to welcome tourists into their daily lives in order to support their livelihoods and, contribute to the preservation of their natural and cultural heritage and who will host you with all their heart and dedication.

Apart from this selection of genuine responsible operators and suppliers, who are extraordinary people, there are numerous products and services of quality which we could not feature here. We don’t mean these are not worthy nor doing a great work offering quality services, they have just not been identified as responsible operators or, provided enough evidence that they are actively engaging across all areas which were considered important when developing this guide: society, economy, culture and environment. Our sister consumer site that promotes overall quality tourism to the Mekong region is meant for them.

Homestay in Mon, Ngoc Son Ngo Luong Nature Reserve Viet Nam

Homestay in Mon, Ngoc Son Ngo Luong Nature Reserve Viet Nam

The audience

The intention is to provide travellers with a choice of responsible operators and suppliers that will cater for all their needs; accommodation, activities, sites to visit, restaurants, shops, museums and wellness services. Our target audiences are independent travellers, organising holidays by themselves who are keen to buy directly from local suppliers, and tour operators willing to engage on the sustainable path to tourism and who are in search of new ideas and reliable like-minded contacts.

But If you prefer the comfort and ease of organised and tailor made holidays, we have selected some of the most responsible tour operators based and specialised in the region.

NOTE: We are neither a tourist office nor a travel agent or tour operator, if you have any travel inquiry, please contact one of those listed here.

Remember that there cannot be responsible tourism without responsible tourists… please read our guidelines.

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